Here’s what people say about Amanda.

“As a resident and MPP of Markham-Unionville, I believe Amanda is an excellent choice to be the next MPP in this riding. I have witnessed first hand Amanda’s hard work, highly efficient approach and unmatched energy.
As an entrepreneur Amanda understands business, and how to attract investment to Markham.
Her experience as a Markham City Councillor has demonstrated her ability to connect with different groups, move projects forwards through multiple levels of government, and respond to the needs of her constituents.
Furthermore, Councillor Collucci’s multicultural background is an asset to Markham-Unionville, helping her serve all residents across this diverse, multicultural community which she serves with passion and diligence.
I urge you to support to Amanda Collucci in the election on June 7th.”

Michael Chan, MPP (Markham-Unionville)

“I’ve known Amanda Collucci for a number of years. She’s a great Markham Councillor, who genuinely cares for her constituents. Her energy and enthusiasm would make her an exceptional provincial Liberal candidate.”

Dr. Helena Jaczek, MPP of Oak Ridges–Markham

“Amanda is a hardworking, energetic individual. I look forward to working with her as the next Member of Provincial Parliament for Markham–Unionville. She knows her riding and she will be a strong voice at Queen’s Park.”

Reza Moridi, MPP of Richmond Hill

“Councillor Amanda Collucci is Vice-Chair of Markham’s Budget Committee. That’s a $400 million budget! Her professionalism & business experience shine through in our support of the City’s goal to deliver quality services to residents while keeping taxes low.”

Jack Heath, Deputy Mayor of Markham

“I am thrilled that Amanda has put her name forward to run for the liberal nomination for Markham-Unionville. I have had the opportunity to work with Amanda on several projects outside of council. She brings experience, knowledge, dedication and commitment to working for the residents of Markham-Unionville. I am most certain that she will bring the same richness to Queens Park as she does Markham Council. Markham-Unionville residents will be proud and lucky to have Amanda representing us. Your voice will be heard in the provincial legislature. I commend her for her commitment to Markham-Unionville residents.”

Nirmala Armstrong, Markham Regional Councillor

“Amanda’s passion and dedication for helping seniors in the area is evident. We are very lucky to have her currently representing us in Markham Ward 6. Amanda is the right person to represent us in Markham-Unionville at Provincial level. The strength of local community connections you possess and the respect you have from the local residents will make Amanda a clear choice for Markham-Unionville. Ontario Liberal Party will be lucky to have Amanda as candidate in 2018 election and residents will be lucky to have Amanda to represent us at Queens Park!”

Markham Ward 6 Seniors Association in Markham-Unionville

“Amanda has been given unconditional support since our singing and dancing performing group was very small. Now our group has grown to a considerable size and well recognized in the Chinese community, we will support Amanda’s nomination bid because she is a person with integrity, she is well liked and respected in the Chinese community. Amanda is so approachable and always close to her people. People love her singing and dancing with them at events and there is no distance between her and us.”

Little Broadway of Markham-Unionville

“Dear brother, Assalamu Alaikum.  This afternoon myself, Shafique Sahib and our administror attended Amanda Collucci nomination launch.  Endorsed her and gave commitment of support from Muslim community.  Also gave TV interview we also have nomination forms to help in membership enrollment.  It was a privilege for me to support Amanda’s nomination.  It would be pleasure to help in all possible way.”

Najmul Siddiqui - Markham Muslim Mosque Wrb

“Amanda Yeung Collucci is young, vibrant and full of energy.  She is a person willing to take actions and get things done.  She understands the needs of residents in Markham-Unionville and speak out for us.  Our family has supported her in the 2014 Municipal election and will continue to support her in the Liberal Provincial nomination in Markham-Unionville.  Amanda lives the value she believes in: supportive of inclusivity, diversity, multi-culturalism.  She has a strong ability to attract and bring people together to achieve common goals.  Amanda has been a fantastic Councillor and she will be the leader we need in Markham-Unionville as MPP.”

Lam Y.Y. - Resident of Markham-Unionville

“You can count on my support.  You have done so much for our community.  Our family has been living in Markham for over 38 years and I have never seen any Councillor like you who works so hard to accomplish so much within such a short period of time.  Most importantly is the fact that you keep us residents in the loop with all issues in the community. You are well spoken and a total professional.”

John H. - Resident of Markham-Unionville

“Amanda, you have a golden heart for helping people, you are an excellent Councillor and have a great reputation in Markham.  People love you and know you always have great desire and heart to serve people and put them first.  You have proven yourself as an outstanding Markham Councillor, we have no doubt that you will make a great MPP for Markham-Unionville.”

J. Man - Resident of Markham-Unionville

“We will always support you because you always support us! You are such a great Councillor for Markham. We were very sad that Liberal lost the 2015 Federal election when everywhere else is a sea of red. I am happy that you are running for the Provincial nomination, with the strength you bring to the Ontario Liberal Party, we know you will give Ontario Liberals the best chance to win this riding as Liberal Candidate for Provincial Markham-Unionville.”

James Y. - Resident of Markham-Unionville

“You have my family’s full support! All 6 of us have signed up to support you. You have been keeping us in the loop on what’s happening in Markham which I have never seen any other Councillors do. You will be great to represent the Ontario Liberal Party to run in 2018.”

R. Rajkumar - Resident of Markham-Unionville

“You are the best Councillor we’ve ever had. Extremely responsive to residents help, you genuinely care about the community. We need local candidate who lives and raise her family in the riding. Congratulations to your Liberal Provincial Nomination announcement. Go for it! Our support always there for you.”

R. Thanabalasingam - Resident of Markham-Unionville

“You have been a great Councillor for us. You have a great appreciation and respect for South Asian culture. You really are the right person to represent us in Markham-Unionville. Our support is there for you always.”

Raj M. - Resident of Markham-Unionville

“Congratulations on your nomination announcement. We do not belong to any political party but we will vote for you regardless which part you will be running for.”

Greg S. - Resident of Markham-Unionville

“Amanda, you are so responsive to residents request and I am so grateful to have you as my Councillor. The fact that you speak fluently in Cantonese, Mandarin and English, I know you will do an excellent job representing all ethnic groups in the Markham-Unionville riding at Provincial Parliament.”

S. Lung - Resident of Markham-Unionville